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A safe environment for quality work: Contratas Metaúrgicas is awarded the ISO 18001.

LThe OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) is a demanding set of health and safety specifications that accredited businesses must meet. These measures are essential to prevent accidents and create a safe environment in the organization. In the industrial and shipbuilding sectors, the ISO 18001 is of particular importance due to the nature of our daily operations - we handle dangerous goods, potentially dangerous power tools and large, heavy metal structures.

Contratas Metalúrgicas has obtained the ISO 18001 certification, which ensures our customers that we keep a safe working environment; the objective being to suffer of zero accidents.
Furthermore, all our workers have to obtain a 60 hour certificate in occupational risk prevention, which allows them to act as risk prevention agents in any job or repair work. This certificate is valid nationally.


with excellence

Contratas metalúrgicas upholds the quality standards set by the ISO 9001 certificate.

The strict standards set by the ISO 9001 certificate, require the continual pursuit for improvement. Controls are established in all aspects of work, from finding suppliers and goods to post-sales services and customer satisfaction.

Adhering to the ISO 9001 standards means a commitment to quality in processes, procedures and, above all, in providing quality services. What are the processes we have followed in order to apply these values?

We must also highlight the commitment of Contratas Metalúrgicas with the environment, as we are authorized by the Canary Islands Government to collect toxic waste.



Contratas Metalúrgicas has also been awarded the International Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001.

Contratas Metalúrgicas adheres to the ISO 14001 standard, which establishes an effective system of environmental management. The aim is that our organization maintains and increases its profitability by reducing the impact our activities cause on the environment.

Our commitment to show respect for our islands and the preservation of the environment is reflected in the fact that we obtained the ISO 14001 certification in 2013. To this end, we have adapted our systems, work procedures, waste management and material handling procedures to the current regulations, being aware that respecting our parents’ legacy is paramount for our future.

Company PHilosophy

The search for total quality

En la filosofía de nuestra industria está el integrar los sistemas de Gestión de Calidad, de Seguridad y Salud y el sistema Medioambiental en todas las actividades que llevamos a cabo, en una búsqueda constante de la Calidad Total. Ello nos ha llevado a obtener la triple certificación ISO 9001, 14001 y 18001.
fabricación de estructuras metálicas, instalación de estructuras metálicas

The Quality

that support us

Recently, Contratas Metalúrgicas has received the quality awards from the hands of the Gobernement representants, as you can see at the image above.
fabricación de estructuras metálicas, instalación de estructuras metálicas

A living system.

Our Quality Management System (QMS) is a pro-active, living system, constantly evolving. It adapts to real needs so that it becomes a tool for growth and not a bureaucratic obstacle.

trabajos en metal, soldadores, tuberos, mantenimiento del metal

Customer Satisfaction

Our quest for customer satisfaction and continuous improvement requires documenting and maintaining records of our activities and developing a system to be able to measure our efficiency, and which allow us to set goals for improvement.

taller naval, mantenimiento de buques, reparación de cascos de buques

Growth and improvement

The quality system requires that information management does not depend on one person, thus avoiding data loss or the biased interpretation of data. It also demands that we meet agreed deadlines by anticipating any difficulties that may arise.

fabricación de estructuras metálicas, soldadura, acero al carbono, acero inoxidable

Improvement Systems

These regulations require that problems and risks are foreseen by carrying out a series of planning activities. This planning helps to minimize errors, improve completion times and avoid committing foreseen mistakes.

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