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A workshop servicing the naval industry in the Canary Islands.

Contratas Metalúrgicas has been working for more than 30 years in the Shipyard “Astilleros Canarios” in the Port of La Luz, as well as collaborating with other naval repair workshops and working on different vessels that visit the island. The tailor-made solutions and the quality we provide have earned us a good reputation in our field.

We offer, among other services, the following:

- Hull repairs.
- Manufacture of sheet metal and boiler parts, such as hatch covers, doors, mushroom heads, tanks, etc.
- Manufacture of ship ventilation ducts.
- Manufacture of stainless steel parts.
- Manufacture and repair of aluminum gangways.

Shipyards such as Astican and Repnaval have relied on our services for decades, in 2012 we worked in 150 different vessels and ships, totaling 80.000 working hours.

We are constantly moving forward, updating our equipment and training our staff in the pursuit of superior quality. This proactive attitude has been awarded with an ISO 9001 certificate.




Forty percent of our workforce has been working with us for more than 20 years. They include head engineers, technical engineers, engineering graduates, certified engineers, boilermakers, sheet metal workers and welding technicians with medium and high level qualifications, all of whom have accumulated ample experience over the years. Contratas Metalúrgicas has 50 permanent personnel, which allows us to achieve high quality in the jobs we carry out due to the teamwork of our existing workforce.

As for our commitment to safety at work, suffice it to say that all our employees have to take a risk prevention courses which enables them to act as prevention agents in any building site.

Ever since the oil platforms started to arrive in our island to be repaired, we have worked together with ASTICAN every year in various metal works carried out on the oil platforms.



Our versatility allows us to become an essential partner in the field of naval repair.

We have the needed experience and are certified to provide metal work services to::

  • Ferries and passenger ships.
  • Deep-sea and coastal fishing boats.
  • Tugs.
  • Scientific vessels.
  • Oil Rigs.
  • Yachts and pleasure boats.
  • Pilot boats.
  • Navy vessels.




Repair of the prow in the "Da Zi Yun".

Working together with ASTICAN, Contratas Metalurgicas repaired the damage due to an accident involving the Chinese ship DA ZI YUN in the Mauritanian coast. The steel renewed totaled 25 tons. The shell plating was renewed both in the bow as well as in three decks. We also made important repairs on the port and starboard hawse pipes. The work was completed in 19 days, working round the clock and a total of 21 people of our permanent staff were involved.

On board welding.

Manufacture of port and starboard airtight compartment in the vessel “Everest” to improve the airtight performance of water and fuel tanks. The total weight was 5 Tons and the manufacturing time was 9 days.

Metalwork: manufacture of oil tanks, mushrooms heads, hatch covers, etc...

Contratas Metalúrgicas specializes in light and medium steel and boiler making work. Daily we manufacture and repair the common parts of all ships such as ventilation mushrooms heads, hatches, tanks, containers, metal gangways and handrails - all the metal elements that a ship has or uses can be repaired by our own team of naval repair specialists.


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